Richmond Family Place is open for programming during the pandemic. The Thrift Store is open for business with limited hours due to volunteer shortages (please check our Website & Face Book page for current store hours)

As per Provincial Health guidelines, RFP has a Covid-19 policy in place to address all Health & Safety concerns for staff & families. We continue to monitor & update our practises as new information emerges.

Please note the following health & Safety guidelines when attending in person programs:

  • All adults and children, 5 years old and up, will be required to wear a face mask while in programs (indoors and out)
  • Families will enter the programs through the side gate before entering the playrooms. **NEW** You will find a doorbell located outside the fence. Ring the bell and a staff will come and assist you with sign in, health questions & hand sanitizing.
  • There will be a 35-person maximum capacity in the playrooms (children & adults combined). When the program is full a **STOP** sign will be posted outside the garden gate and in front of the main doors to let families know the program is full.
  • There will be no food allowed in the programs (indoors & out) at any time. Families are responsible to provide their own water bottles.
  • There will be no access to other areas inside the main building, except the washrooms.
  • Please dress for the weather. All programs will include outdoor time.


Thrift Store guidelines:

  • All adults and children, 5 years old and up, will be required to wear a face mask
  • There will be a 4-person capacity inside the store due to the small space.
  • All customers will be asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the store.

For more information, please contact check the following:

We look forward to reopening our programs soon! For the latest information on COVID-19 in BC, please visit:

COVID-19 Information Sources

  • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Awareness resources – resources are available in PDF Format in multiple languages

The latest information and the status of measures in Canada are posted on Canada.ca/coronavirus or available to the public through the Coronavirus Information Line (1-833-784-4397). The website is available in English, French and simplified Chinese.

Facebook: Healthy Canadians

Facebook: Travel Advice from the Government of Canada

Twitter: @TravelGoC

Twitter: @GovCanHealth

Twitter: @CPHO_Canada

LinkedIn: Public Health Agency of Canada

A message from the Board of Directors to everyone at the Richmond Family Place

A message from the Board of Directors to everyone at the Richmond Family Place


We want to send a message of heartfelt appreciation, recognizing the extraordinary ongoing efforts and sacrifices made by our RFP community as we all navigate the challenges associated with COVID-19.

The public health crisis created by the global spread of COVID-19 has presented unparalleled challenges for our Province, Canada and the world. Here at RFP, we have not been immune to the challenges that the physical distancing rules have created.

Over the course of the pandemic, several difficult decisions have been made, including a transition to online gatherings, shifting connections from in-person to online, postponing some essential events like the Golf Tournament and having to re-think and cancel weekly events where we share a meal together.

The Board of Directors fully support these difficult decisions as being in the best interests of the RFP community. We know, however, that they have created significant challenges and hardships, and the Board could not be more appreciative of the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices of everyone at RFP. We wish to recognize:

  1. All RFP families who have been faced with challenges that are extreme in scope and nature.
  2. The remarkable transition, effectively undertaken by our staff, prioritizing the best interests of families and looking out for each other.
  3. RFP staff, both working in the office and working remotely, who are making all of these efforts happen across family services, building operations, planning, communications, human resources and central administration.
  4. And, last but not least, the leadership team, including our Executive Director Janice Lambert, for the incredible job of helping to plan for the unexpected and ensuring that the crisis does not divert from the RFP mission to ensure that every child in Richmond reaches their full potential. We recognize that much of the heavy burden and responsibility for coordinating the planning for and response to this crisis has fallen to you and thank you for your incredible leadership during this unprecedented time.

Recognizing that COVID-19 presents long-term challenges, we will remain focused on adhering to the core values of RFP, including flexibility, empathy, patience, and the well-being of our families, staff and friends.

To everyone, thank you for your support in service to families we all passionately care for.


Erica Chow, Grace Luo, Grace Tsang, Jeff Hsaio, Jennifer Chin, Jessica Chung, Louise Yeoh, Mahvash Derakhshan, Maria Robinson, Masud Khawaja, Sherry Sinclair

RFP Board of Directors