About Us

Our Mission: Ensure every child in Richmond reaches their full potential

Working to ensure that all children will have a healthy start in life

Richmond Family Place offers a safe and welcoming environment to all families by providing programming that supports children in reaching their full potential. Promoting family navigation through relationships, staff members orient families in their day to day family life, providing support where resiliency and capacity are built through connections, promoting community belonging based on respect and inclusion, supporting families to create a social support system.


Richmond Family Place is a non-profit multi-service family resource program established in 1979 and is open to ALL families in Richmond. Programs are provided at the main site on Ash street and many other locations throughout Richmond including:

  • Brighouse Library
  • Cambie Library
  • City Centre Community Centre
  • Debeck House (Main Site)
  • Garden City Park
  • Hamilton Community Centre
  • Ironwood Library
  • King George Park
  • Lang Community Centre
  • Neighbourhood Learning Centre
  • Richmond Food Bank
  • Steveston Library
  • Steveston Park


Richmond Family Place provides a variety of programs including:

  • Play & Learn drop-in programs
  • Sing & Play drop-in programs
  • Dad & Child Breakfast Program
  • Family Night Dinner Programs
  • Parenting programs
  • Refugee program
  • Children’s programs
  • Family Support
  • Resources and Referrals

Removing Barriers

Richmond Family Place is committed to removing barriers for families trying to access important early childhood development programs. By offering programs:

  • At different locations throughout Richmond
  • In different languages
  • Providing childcare for all parenting workshops and courses
  • Providing programs for free or at low cost
  • Providing programs to meet the needs of specific ages of children
  • Providing programs for all different types of caregivers including grandparents, fathers and working parents
  • Providing programs at various times of day, including non-tradition times i.e. evening dinner programs and Saturday programs
  • Providing access to free or low cost household goods and clothing

If you have any questions, please use contact us at 604 278 4336 or info@richmondfamilyplace.ca.

“Family Place provided a place to come when life is hard.”

“We have connected with, and felt a part of, the Richmond community”

“I was given support and so I am more confident” 

“We have been able to learn from other parents”