About Our Volunteers

Richmond Family Place has volunteers working with us for years, months, weeks, days, and sometimes for only an hour or two.  Regardless of the length of time they are with us, each person has left their unique imprint on the Family Place community and has helped us to grow and thrive.

Take a look at the available positions below and complete the Volunteer Application Form when ready.

Current Positions

Program Support

We are looking for passionate & enthusiastic people to donate 2 – 3 hours a week to volunteer in our playrooms with our Drop In Programs. If you have skills & talents you would like to share (arts, crafts, cooking, sports, reading etc.) this is the volunteer position for you!

The Play & Learn Drop in Program provides an opportunity for caregivers and children ages 0 – 6 years old, to engage in stimulating play-based learning activities and literacy focused explorations.


  • Help set up & clean up the playrooms, kitchen & washrooms before & after the program
  • Prepare craft, playdoh and other activities as needed
  • Prepare tea, coffee & snacks as required
  • Interact with caregivers and children who attend the programs, initiating conversation, offering a listening ear and contributing to a welcoming, warm environment
  • Work as part of the Family Support Team, under the direction of staff
  • Willingness to learn about Richmond Family Place and its services and be able to share this knowledge with families.
  • Demonstrate a non-judgemental, inclusive & culturally sensitive attitude to all who attend Richmond Family Place

This position requires a criminal record check. All necessary training will be provided. Our drop on programs take place at our Main Site building, 8660 Ash Street, Richmond, and at various satellite locations across Richmond:

  • Cambie Library
  • Steveston Library
  • Brighouse library
  • Lang Community Centre
  • Hamilton Community Centre
  • Richmond Food Bank
  • Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Volunteers may help at any of these programs.

Thrift Store

We are looking for reliable & dedicated people who would like to spend 3 – 4 hours a week helping us with the day to day running of our Thrift Store.

This position provides lots of opportunity to gain new skills, make new friends and contribute to an organization that supports families with children 0 –  12 years of age.

The Richmond Family Place Thrift Store receives donations of clothes & household items that are sold to generate income which goes directly into supporting the programs and services we offer to the community.


  • Commit to 1 shift per week, (Monday – Saturday 9.30 am – 12.30 pm or 12.30 – 3.30 pm) at our Thrift Store (8660 Ash Street, Richmond)
  • Assist with merchandising, sales, cleaning and sorting duties.
  • Provide customer service with integrity, trust and in a non judgemental manner
  • Work cooperatively with other volunteers
  • Follow all Richmond Family Place standards of practise and work place policies.

This position requires a criminal record check. This job may require lifting, standing & bending on a regular basis.

Sales experience an asset.

A desire to meet new people and an interest in supporting others is important for this role.

All necessary training is provided.

Suitable for anyone from 16 to 99+ years of age!


We are looking for reliable & committed people, with access to a vehicle, washing machine and dryer, who would like to spend 2 – 4 hours a week helping us keep up with our laundry!

This position has lots of flexibility and is ideal for anyone who wishes to make a difference in the community but needs to work around an unpredictable schedule.

As an organization we use towels, dishcloths, blankets and quilts on a daily basis in order to provide quality programs to our families. This produces 2 -3 loads of laundry a week that need to be transported off site to your home where they can be washed and dried and then retuned back to our main site.


  • Pick up laundry (preferably Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays) between 9 am – 4 pm from our main site (8660 Ash Street, Richmond)
  • Take laundry to your home to wash, dry and fold.
  • Return laundry to main site (8660 Ash Street) within a week from time of pick up

This position can work on a rotation basis if we have enough volunteers.

We will provide laundry baskets and laundry detergent.

Bread Pick Up

We are looking for reliable volunteers, with access to a vehicle, to donate 2 – 3 hours a month to help with our weekly Cobs bread pick up on Tuesday evenings.

The donated bread is distributed weekly to families within Richmond Family Place programs, used to supplement Richmond Family Place meal programs and offered daily as a snack for all program participants.


  • Pick up the bread bins from our main site building (8660 Ash Street, Richmond) Any time between 9am – 4 pm Friday to Tuesday (not Sundays)
  • Pick up bread donation from Cobbs (2 and Blundell, Richmond) at 7pm on Tuesday evening.
  • Drive donation to main site (8660 Ash Street, Richmond) immediately after pick up. 

This position works on a rotation basis. Volunteers are scheduled for one pick up every 4 – 6 weeks, depending on the number of volunteers on the rotating schedule.

Special Events

We are looking for energetic people to donate 4-6 hours per shift when we have special events for our organization.

Over the course of a year, Richmond Family Place engages in large scale events to promote our work and to contribute to the larger Richmond community.

If you love a fast pace, community collaboration and have event planning skills, we need you!


  • Commit to a 4 – 6 hour shift for an event
  • Prepare event supplies, help transport supplies (when necessary)
  • Help with event set up & clean up
  • Contribute to the event through overseeing a booth, leading an activity or taking on a responsibility assigned by the event leader
  • Work as part of the event team under the supervision of the event coordinator
  • Share information about Richmond Family Place with event participants
  • Demonstrate a non-judgemental, inclusive & culturally sensitive attitude to all who attend the event

This position can be a one-time commitment or ongoing, dependant on your availability. All necessary training will be provided. Some of our events include:

  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Community In Motion
  • Eating Together Event
  • Santa’s Breakfast
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Summer Bar-B-Que


We are looking for passionate people who would like to spend 2 hours a week sharing their love for cooking and food preparation.
Every Wednesday our kitchen volunteers help prepare nutritious meals for our 2 weekly dinner programs.
We serve families with children 0 – 6 years old supper at our main site (8660 Ash Street, Richmond) and at the Richmond Food Bank allowing them the opportunity to spend quality time together while enjoying a hot meal and access to our Play & Learn Programs.


• 2 hours of food preparation every Wednesday from 1 – 3 pm at our main site kitchen (8660 Ash Street, Richmond)
• Tasks include basic food preparation skills (chopping, washing, frying etc.) and following simple recipe instructions.
• Working with other volunteers in a cooperative and respectful manner
• Communicating, as necessary, with staff

This position can work on a rotation basis if we have enough volunteers. A minimum of 2 volunteers is required each week.
Food Safe Certification & kitchen experience an asset.

The Recruitment Process

Richmond Family Place’s recruitment process for volunteers is as follows:

  • Completion of a Volunteer Application Form
  • Interview with a Volunteer Coordinator
  • Criminal Record Check
  • 2 Reference Checks
  • 1 Month trial with support from trained staff
  • Ongoing Support and Training Opportunities

Volunteer Principles

At Richmond Family Place you, as the volunteer, are a very important person to our organization. You will be a valuable asset to Richmond Family Place, receiving the recognition that you so highly deserve. As a volunteer you have responsibilities, rights and, of course rewards.

Volunteer Rights:

As a volunteer you have the following rights:

  • To be treated as a co-worker and part of our team.
  • To a suitable assignment with consideration for personal preference, temperament, abilities, education and employment background.
  • To be given a variety of experiences and an increasing amount of responsibility, as warranted.
  • To know as much about the organization as possible, its policies, its people, its program.
  • To sound guidance and encouragement.
  • To be heard and to have a part in planning, to feel free to make suggestions, to be shown respect for an honest opinion.


Volunteering at Richmond Family Place can be very rewarding. Some of the rewards are to:

  • Gain work experience.
  • Make new friends.
  • Gain valuable insight and experience.
  • Gain practical use of skills in a new setting.
  • Meet personal challenges.
  • Work for a cause.
  • Receive recognition of abilities.
  • Receive satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Make your community a better place to live.


As a volunteer, you are responsible to:

  • Maintain smooth working relations with staff.
  • Be committed to the job at hand.
  • Be dependable and sincere.
  • Maintain the integrity of the agency and respect all confidences of the staff and clients.
  • Be willing to make a time commitment.
  • Perform duties promptly, in a reliable manner and with enthusiasm.
  • Be willing to learn and take part in orientation and training sessions.
  • Maintain good client relations.
  • Accept direction and decisions of the Co-ordinator.
  • Give reasonable, advance notice if you will be absent.


We appreciate the time our volunteers give to Richmond Family Place and are happy to try and help with requests for references when possible.  Staff may not be able to provide references for volunteers who worked for less than 6 months, or who request the reference more than a year after leaving.  Volunteers are therefore encouraged to make any reference requests while volunteering or as they depart. Please contact the member of staff who supervised you regarding your reference.